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Northern Ontario's 2022 CTF Provincial Results
Northern Ontario's CTF Provincial Championship Records
Northern Ontario's 2022 National Youth Team

2019 CTF Nationals

1983-2018 Northern Ontario's National Youth Medalist
National Youth Medal Winners 1983-2016

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  • Mario's Bowl - Thunder Bay, Ontario

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    Make sure your league belongs to the CTF.
    Then you may become members of the Northern Ontario Junior Bowling Council
    . As members of the CTF, this is the only way to advance to the National Youth Championships that will be held in May?June each year.
    CTF eliminated Rule 19, if you bowl in an adult league or tournament, you must have 2/3 attendance in the Youth program prior to the Provincial qualifying tournament. You still can not bowl in US leagues or tournaments.
    The Northern Ontario CTF Provincial was at Mario's Bowl, Thunder Bay in April.

    The 2022 Northern Ontario CTF National Youth Team:

    Bantam Girl Mikayla Davidson, Mario's
    Bantam Boy Noah Pringle, NC
    Junior Girl Maya Graham, Mario's
    Junior Boy Ethan Raymond, NC
    INT Girl Ema Bowen, NC
    INT Boy Trenton Martyn, Mario's
    Senior Girl Olivia Solomon, NC
    Senior Boy Josh Woolley, NC

    Northern Ontario's 2022 CTF Provincial Results
    Northern Ontario's CTF National Youth Championships Medalists Since 1983

    YBC Page for Northern Ontario Youth

    Northern Ontario Adult Notices Page

    World Cup 2018 Provincial Results

    Congrats to Ian Nakonechny and Amanda Chepesiuk from Mario's Bowl on winning this years World Cup Provincials.

    Full 2018 Provincial Results

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